Investor Relations

Major Financial information [Consolidated]

    • Gross Capital:664,581 Million JPY
    • Sales:1,105,584 Million JPY
      Ordinary Income:16,675 Million JPY
  • Transition During Last Five Years [Consolidated]
Brief Report on Settlement of Accounts [Consolidated]
Term Brief Reports on Settlement of Accounts
49th(March 2021) Half-year (pdf 49half) Full-year (pdf 49full)
48th(March 2020) Half-year (pdf 48half) Full-year (pdf 48full)
47th(March 2019) Half-year (pdf 47half) Full-year (pdf 47full)
46th(March 2018) Half-year (pdf 46half) Full-year (pdf 46full)
45th(March 2017) Half-year (pdf 45half) Full-year (pdf 45full)