Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Personal Information Protection Policy
We comply with laws and internal regulations on personal information and believe that protecting personal information is a social responsibility, and have thus established the following Privacy Policy on the proper acquisition, use, and management of personal information.

2. Definition of Personal Information
Personal information is defined as information pertaining to an existing individual that can be used to identify a specific individual based on name, date of birth, or other descriptions included in the information (including information that can be easily corroborated with other information to identify a particular individual) as well as information contained in personal identification numbers, such as facial recognition data However, personal information that can be used to identify an individual is not limited to information concerning an existing individual.

3. Scope of Application
This privacy policy shows our policy of compliance when handling personal information obtained through our business operations or equivalent information.

4. Collecting and Using Personal Information
Personal information from customers will be used for the following purposes. We may outsource (provide) personal information to contractors deemed to have achieved a certain level within our personal information protection system to the extent necessary for accomplishing the purposes of use clearly specified to the customer.
  • (1) Purposes of Using Personal Information of Customers
    • To provide information on and confirm applications for contracts for various services, membership withdrawal, changes in registered information, and continuation
    • To send notifications, direct mail, online magazines, and contact accompanying use of our services
    • To verify and answer comments or questions regarding our services
    • For developing and marketing new or improved services
    • For research and development aimed at providing service and expanding features
    • To conduct campaigns, surveys, monitoring, and reporting
    • To provide personal information to organizations, affiliates, and companies using our services based on customer consent and registration
    • For various billing services based on the Terms of Service
    • To investigate acts prohibited in our terms and conditions
    • For other purposes that have been clearly stated and consented to in our provision of services

  • (2) Purposes of Using Personal Information of Partners
    • For communications regarding negotiations and transactions
    • To execute contracts related to transactions

  • (3) Purposes of Using Personal Information of Shareholders
    • To fulfill obligations and exercise shareholder rights based on the Companies Act
    • To implement shareholder policies in the relationship between our company and its shareholders
    • To manage shareholder information based on laws and regulations
    • To record proceedings for the General Shareholders Meeting

  • (4) Purposes of Using Personal Information of Job Seekers
    • For communications and sending documents related to hiring, and for other procedures related to hiring and recruitment

  • (5) Purposes of Using Personal Information of the Retired Employees, Executives, and Employees
    • For human resource management, employee benefits, and legally required procedures, as well as work communications and emergency contact
5. Management of Personal Information
We will thoroughly perform the following in regard to managing information provided by customers.
  • (1) Ensure Accuracy of Information
    We strive to ensure that information provided by customers is accurate and up-to-date.
  • (2) Safety Management Controls
    We will ensure personal information security by taking organizational, human, and technological measures.
  • (3) Employee Supervision
    We strictly enforce rules regarding the handling of personal information based on our company regulations.
  • (4) Supervision of Contractors
    When entrusting the handling of personal information to an external company, we entrust only contractors that satisfy requirements based on our regulations and make sure they are properly managed.
  • (5) Retention Period and Discarding
    There is a set retention period for information provided by customers, and information is discarded once that period is over. Information that becomes unnecessary even while still in the retention period will be discarded promptly.
6. Providing Third Parties with Personal Information
We do not provide third parties with personal information without first obtaining consent, except in the following cases. We may also outsource personal information to other businesses to the extent necessary for achieving the purposes of use.
  • (1) When required by law
  • (2) When required to protect human life, physical wellbeing, or property, and obtaining consent is difficult
  • (3) When required for the improvement of public health and in particular for the sound development of youths, and obtaining consent is difficult
  • (4) When cooperation with national agencies or local governing bodies, or with those entrusted to enforce matters stipulated by law, is required, and obtaining the consent of the person involved hinders or risks hindering the execution of this

7. Disclosing, Correcting, and Suspending Usage of Personal Information
Should there be a request to disclose, correct, or suspend use of information, we will do so based on our company’s prescribed methods. For details on these methods, please contact our service center and we will respond as soon as possible.

8. Disclaimers
We do not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of information posted on the Maruhan Website (“Our Website”). Our company and its affiliates assume no responsibility for direct or indirect losses incurred when using information or content on our website.

9. About Cookies
Our website uses cookies. Cookies track which pages within the website a user has visited in the past, and are used to display more suitable content and improve the convenience of the website for repeat visitors. This information is not used to identify users. Those who do not wish for information to be collected may disable cookies through their internet browser settings.
   *About Google Analytics
Our website uses Google Analytics, a Google service used to gain insight into user visits our website. By using Google Analytics, Google collects, records, and analyzes user visits to our website based on cookies created by our company. We then receive analysis from Google that helps us understand user visits to our website. Information collected, recorded, and analyzed by Google Analytics does not include any information that would identify an individual. This information is also managed by Google according to the company's Privacy Policy.
Users may stop their information from being collected by our use of Google Analytics by disabling Google Analytics in their browsers. Google Analytics may be disabled by downloading the Google Analytics opt-out add-on from the opt-out add-on download page by Google and installing add-on in your browser settings. Disabling Google Analytics will disable Google Analytics on any other websites the user visits, but can be re-enabled by reconfiguring browser add-ons.
For an explanation of Google Analytics Terms of Service, see the Google Analytics website, and for an explanation on Google’s Privacy Policy, see Google’s website.

We may also use advertising targeting services provided by third parties in which a third party may obtain and use cookies from the browsers of users who have viewed our website. Cookies obtained by third parties will be handled in accordance with the third party’s Privacy Policy. Users can stop use of advertisement information from cookies by a third party by visiting the disable advertising cookies (opt-out) page within the third party’s website.

10. Location Information
This smartphone-based pachinko parlor information application aimed at customers (known as the Maruhan App) obtains location information from the customer’s smartphone device. The customer's current location information is used to provide maps when visiting a pachinko parlor. Location information collected while the app is running in the background is used for push notifications to send parlor information to customers.

Enacted: March 8, 2005
Revised: February 19, 2021
Maruhan Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Yu Han