Corporate Social Responsibility

As the top-selling company in the pachinko parlor industry, we are mindful of our role as a model for other companies and as such are engaged in a variety of CSR activities. Through our business, we will help to create a brighter society aimed at making our mission of “Making Life a Ball” a reality. However, what makes all this possible is the support and involvement of our stakeholders, starting with the customer. In order to “Make Life a Ball” for all people involved in our company, we have set the following six items as our priority issues.
  • Priority Issue 1: Relationship with the Customer
    Relationship with the Customer We will strive to provide a comfortable playing space, legitimate Pachinko machines, and fair services, and satisfy the trust and expectations of our customers based on compliance with the law.
    • Customer Service
      Customer Service We place great emphasis on customer service ability, with all employees working as one in the pursuit of customer satisfaction.
    • Creating Atmosphere
      Creating Atmosphere We endeavor to create locations that will give our customers a sense of excitement with a wealth of game machines, an array of prizes, and parlor décor.
    • Support for Inbound Visitors
      Support for Inbound Visitors In order for our foreign customers to have a good time, we distribute game guides aimed at foreigners, hire staff who speak foreign languages, and offer telephone interpretation services.
    • Clean Check
      Clean check Each and every employees strives toward our workplace policy CODOS (cleanliness, organization, discipline, order, sanitation). Every six months we hold our Clean Check, in which we meticulously check 32 items including not only the gaming space but garbage area and the area around the parlor, then make an assessment.
    • Security Check
      Security Check We thoroughly protect customers to ensure our fair and safe gameplay at all times, we work to prevent or detect injustice, theft, or other crimes through staff training, security cameras, and more.
  • Priority Issue 2 Relationship with the Local Community
    Relationship with the Local Community As a member of society, we as a company will fulfill our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen through participation and support of local community activities.
    • Donation and Charity
      • Cleanup Local cleanup activities including all employees nationwide
      • Wheelchair endowment Wheelchair endowment by collection of pull-tabs
      • Blood donations Blood donation by employees in our parlors nationwide
      • Donating game machines Donating game machines
      • Snack donation Participation in events at welfare facilities, donating snacks
      • Donations and Fundraising
        1. Dispatch of volunteers to Okayama
        2. Financial contribution for Kumamoto Earthquake
        3. Financial contribution for Great East Japan Earthquake
        4. Dispatch of volunteers to Ishinomaki
        5. Financial contribution to Hanshin Great Earthquake
        6. Financial contribution to construction fund for “Mineyama Baseball Ground” in Kyoto
    • Sports Sponsorship
      • MARUHAN Cup Taiheiyo Club “MARUHAN Cup“
      • Grand Prix Final International Skating Federation Grand Prix Final, World Championships
      • Mineyama MARUHAN MARUHAN Cup Mineyama Youth Baseball Competition
    • Supporting for Education, Art, and Culture
      • Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra Official sponsor of Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
      • Daidogei World Cup in Shizuok Sponsor of “Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka”
    • Japan Korea Exchange and International Support
      • Han Chang-Woo Nagako Education and Cultural Foundation Han Chang-Woo Nagako Education and Cultural Foundation
      • Han Chang-Woo-Tetsu Cultural Foundation Han Chang-Woo-Tetsu Cultural Foundation
  • Priority Issue 3: Relationship with the Environment
    Relationship with the Environment We will proactively engage in activities that have a positive impact on the global environment, in-store environment, and working environment.
    • Air Quality Measures
      We have taken a variety of air quality measures in order to provide a comfortable space to play for both smokers and non-smokers.
      All Non-Smoking Seats: A smoking area has been installed in these parlors, with smoking forbidden in the game area.
      Partitioned Smoking and Non-Smoking Parlors: The smoking zone and non-smoking zone are separated by glass or a wall.
      • Air quality measures
      • Air quality measures
    • Energy-Saving Efforts
      Adjustable LED lights
      Ventilation control system
      Energy-saving activities
      • Energy-saving efforts
      • Energy-saving efforts
  • Priority Issue 4: Relationship with our Partners
    Relationship with our Partners We will strive to work with our partners, sharing opinions to develop better equipment and products together based on our desire for our customers to “have a ball”.
    • Basic Philosophy Behind Our Transactions
      1. Business Partners Mutual prosperity. Learning and growing from each other’s corporate culture and skills
      2. A Law-Abiding Spirit We will not engage in purchases that violate law or public morals. We will strive to comply with the Anti-monopoly Act and maintain confidentiality
      3. Fair, Transparent, and Free Competition Standards based on economic rationality in prices, quality, and service as well as corporate trust and technological capacity
      4. Harmony with Society and Environment Strict compliance with conservation, vigorous contribution to society, and proactive response to environmental needs
      5. Transparency in Purchasing Strengthening our capacity for internal checks for all purchases, including not only price and quantity checks but whether the order itself is appropriate
      6. Personal Relationships Purchasers must not have personal interests when it comes to purchasing partners or prospective partners
      7. Promoting Planning and Purchasing Practice the proposal-based PDCA cycle
  • Priority Issue 5: Relationship with the Employee
    Relationship with the Employee We will establish a system where employees can work with peace of mind and vigor, based on our vision of having the top employee and customer satisfaction rates in the Japanese pachinko industry.
    • improving Employee Efforts towards improving employee health, both physically and mentally
    • Employing the Disabled Employing the Disabled
    • Diversity Promoting Diversity and Workplace Reform
    • Improving health consciousness among employee families
    • Creating a safe working environment
  • Priority Issue 6: Relationship with Addiction
    Relationship with Addiction As a provider of entertainment, we are concerned about the growing social problem of addiction to pachinko and slot machines among part of the customer population, and recognize that the industry as a whole must strengthen efforts against this. We face this problem head on, actively working to protect our customers through addiction prevention and other measures.
    • Support for research on addiction
      While dependence may have certain good aspects such as focus and enthusiasm, the negative aspect of dependence appears as addiction when a person loses control over the degree of dependence. Many different kinds of people fall victim to addiction. Since 2010, we have conducted joint research on addiction through Council for Addiction Behavior Studies, an non-profit organization conducting studies on the complicated phenomenon of addiction.
    • Joined the Addiction Project Team at NICHIYUKYO (Japan Gaming Association)
      The pachinko industry as a whole has created the “Guidelines for Handling Addiction” with protecting our valued customers as our goal. We help update this guideline and consider other effective measures as a part of the Addiction Project Team organized by NICHIYUKYO.
    Implementing measures based on the “Guidelines for Handling Addiction”
    • Shared slogan Including shared slogans in newspaper and TV ads, implementing warnings
    • Shared Advisor
      Installation of the Safe Pachinko and Slot Advisor
    • Shared Self-reporting
      Introduction of a Self-Reporting Program
    • RSN
      Placing posters and stickers introducing consultation booths for addiction problems
    • Employing specialists, creating systems promoting measures against addiction
    • In-store announcements aimed at preventing becoming overly absorbed