Corporate Vision

MARUHAN LOGO We shall focus on stretching beyond the limits of the pachinko industry to become a world-class entertainment company.

We believe that every company has three missions, which are to make profit, to encourage employees to reach their full potential, and to fulfill social responsibilities. None of these can happen without the growth of the company.

MARUHAN aims for dramatic growth to accomplish our mission as well as to give all employees strong motivation to work. We believe creating clear vision to make these a reality is of the utmost importance.


1. To become the best company in the Pachinko industry in terms of employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction.
2. To provide top-class hospitality in all service sectors.
3. To become a world-class entertainment company.
Based on MARUHAN-ism, we aim to be an independent yet synergistic organization that others can look up to. We believe that working toward this philosophy has enabled us to achieve growth and ultimately change the industry.


  • Corporate Identity
    Joy in Life:
    We provide space and atmosphere where people can experience joy and comfort. We aim to make people feel refreshed, both physically and mentally, so they can tackle their day-to-day affairs. In this way, we wish to contribute to the creation of a happy and hopeful society.
  • Motto
    Originality and Ingenuity, Sincerity and Effort, Trust and Service
  • Corporate Attitude
    Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Contribution
    We will work to tackle a variety of social problems and fulfill our duties as a good corporate citizen. As a community center for local citizens, we will build trust and sympathy with the local community.
    Being a Pioneer
    As a pioneer in the field, we continually seek new challenges and, as an industry leader, are transforming the industry itself to gain recognition from the wider society.
  • Values
    Entertainment – Creating Small Wonders a little by little.
    Creating an Empathetic Organization – Expressing Our Dreams and Participating Actively
    We empathize with yet unseen dreams and visions and participate actively in MARUHAN, working together with passion to achieve our dreams as an organization.
    Challenge Without Fear of Failure
    To create MARUHAN’s future, we will continue being an organization that evolves facing challenge and never being satisfied with the status quo.
    MARUHAN as a Team
    We will continue being an independent organization based on strong bonds that shares in each other’s joy and helps one another.
  • Standards of Conduct for Our Employees
    Always thinking of the customers
    Creating MARUHAN fans
    Doing our best
    Being independent
    1+1 can be 3 or more
    Encouraging others
    What’s right is right