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Chang-Woo HAN Chairman and CEO

Chang-Woo HAN

Chairman and Representative Director

MARUHAN was founded in 1957 in Mineyama, Kyoto prefecture, and has continued expanding over 60 years thanks to the support of everyone involved. Since our foundation, we have taken to heart our company mottos of Originality and Ingenuity, Sincerity and Effort, and Trust and Service, and every day practice our foundational spirit of never forgetting our sense of gratitude and trying to see from the point of view of others. The road to the present has not been without bumps. However, by continuously pursuing customer satisfaction with a sense of urgency and vigilance, we have come to embody a spirit of facing challenge without complacency. Amid an increasingly harsh world economy, the circumstances surrounding our industry are changing at a faster pace than ever. I feel that the fact MARUHAN has experienced continuous growth under such circumstances is a result of the support of all our employees commitment to upholding MARUHAN’s principles and working to the utmost of their abilities, our devoted customers, and our reliable business partners.

Not satisfied with our present success, we look forward to the next 50 years and feel driven to take on new challenges, not just at our current locations but elsewhere as well. At the same time, we resolve to strive to the best of our ability, to never neglect our core business, and to adhere to our company’s principles of contributing to society and changing the pachinko industry as we seek to create a company that is recognized as an industry leader in the business community and to develop leisure facilities that will be loved by our ever-growing customer base. We look forward to your support in these efforts.

  • Profile
    Born February 15, 1931 in Samcheonpo, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea
    Came to Japan in October 1947
    Graduated from Hosei University
  • Incumbent Titles
    Honorary advisor of Japan-Korea Friendship Association Central Committee
    Administrative Director of the Han Tetsu Foundation, approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
    Director of Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
    Director of the Kyoto UNESCO Association
    Member of R.I.D.2650 Rotary Club of Kyoto Heian
    Board member of the United Nations Association of Japan
  • Titles in South Korea
    Chairman of the World Federation of Korean Association of Commerce
    Chairman of Han Chang-Woo Nagako Foundation for Education and Culture
    President of Organizing Committee of the GTI International Trade and Investment Fair (GTI: Greater Tumen Initiative)
    Honorary Governor of Gangwon-do Province
  • Career
    • May 1957
    • Dec. 1972
      Foundation of current MARUHAN Co., Ltd.;
      Assumed the position of President
    • May 1999
      Assumed the position of Chairman (incumbent)
  • Awards & Honors
    • June 1972
      Awarded the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon by the Japanese prime minister.
    • Dec. 1987
      Conferred the Order of Sports Merit Cheongryong Medal by the South Korean government.
    • Mar. 1991
      Presidential Citation (18th Commerce and Industry day; South Korea)
    • Mar. 1994
      Invited to the banquet at the Imperial Palace for the Emperor and Empress welcoming Mr. Kim Yong-sam, President of the Republic of Korea, and Mrs. Kim Yong-sam.
    • Feb. 1995
      Conferred the Order of Civil Merit Mugunghwa Medal by the South Korean government.
    • June 1995
      Awarded honorary citizenship in the town of Mineyama (Kyoto) where MARUHAN Co., Ltd. was founded.
    • May 1996
      Granted an honorary Doctor of Economics degree from Kyungnam University, South Korea.
    • Mar. 1998
      Won the 6th Korean Overseas Compatriots' Prize by KBS (Korea)
    • Nov. 1999
      Conferred the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon by the Japanese government.
    • Feb. 2004
      Conferred the Medal for the Most Distinguished Service by the Republic of the Marshall Islands.
    • Jan. 2006
      Granted an honorary Doctor of Business Administration degree from Pusan National University, South Korea.
    • Apr. 2008
      Invited by the Emperor and Empress of Japan to attend their annual spring garden party
    • May 2008
      Granted the Royal Order of Cambodia Grand Cross with First Style Ribbon.
    • Jun. 2009
      Granted an honorary Doctor of Law degree from Dong-A University, South Korea.
    • Oct. 2009
      Granted an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Gyeongsang National University, South Korea.
    • Oct. 2010
      Awarded the first Honorary Citizen of Sacheon City, South Korea.
    • Dec. 2010
      Awarded CEO of the Year by Korea Economic Daily.
    • Oct. 2010
      Made an Honorary Governor of Gangwon-do Province
    • Aug. 2016
      Awarded the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon by the Japanese prime minister.