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References for the Settlement of Accounts

Brief Report on Settlement of Accounts [Consolidated]

Term Brief Reports on Settlement of Accounts
45th(March 2017) pdf Half-year(390KB) | pdf Full-year(263KB)
44th(March 2016) pdf Half-year(61KB) | pdf Full-year(352KB)
43rd(March 2015) pdf Half-year(306KB) | pdf Full-year(140KB)
42nd(March 2014) pdf Half-year(291KB) | pdf Full-year(322KB)
41st(March 2013) pdf Half-year(248KB) |  pdf Full-year(301KB)
40th(March 2012) pdf Half-year(252KB) |  pdf Full-year(220KB)
39th(March 2011) pdf Half-year(63KB) |  pdf Full-year(114KB)
38th(March 2010) pdf Half-year(56KB) |  pdf Full-year(88KB)
37th(March 2009) pdf Half-year(81KB) |  pdf Full-year(73KB)
36th(March 2008) pdf Half-year(67KB) |  pdf Full-year(75KB)
35th(March 2007) pdf Full-year(67KB)
34th(March 2006) pdf Full-year(38KB)
33rd(March 2006) pdf Full-year(33KB)
32nd(March 2005) pdf Full-year(32KB)
31st(March 2004) pdf Full-year(42KB)
30th(March 2003) pdf Full-year(42KB)
29th(March 2002) pdf Full-year(42KB)
28th(March 2001) pdf Full-year(42KB)

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