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Company Principles for CSR

Maruhan strives to contribute through its business activities to a bright and entertaining society that is filled with hope and happiness, and with the belief that Maruhan is a member making up a part of society and has a responsibility to society to be a “good corporate citizen”. Our initiatives for each of our stores are related to activities to realize “inclusiveness and trust” with the local community as a community center for local residents. Our basic stance in relation to social contribution activities is based on “Challenge”, “Nurture” and “Continuity”. The five important areas of activity are “contribution to the local community”, “health and living environment”, “sports”, “the arts and culture”, and “Japanese-Korean cultural exchange”.

Contribution to Local Community

Maruhan believes that pachinko is daily entertainment that is closely connected with the community and is aware of the extremely deep bond with the local community and the residents. Therefore, harmonization with the local area is essential. Our employees have the aim of growing our company in society as a good corporate citizen by active participation. Although we used to make individual initiatives through different shops or regions, we will integrate these activities in the future.

Health and Living Environment

The entertainment that we aim for is to realize an “accumulation of little sensations” brought forth by “stimulation” and “relaxation” on a basis of “security”. We contribute through this entertainment to the healthy mental and physical activities of our citizens and to creating a bright and entertaining society. However, it is unfortunate that pachinko has some negative effect in spite of our good intentions. Maruhan also seeks a frank involvement with the negative aspect and aims for really healthy entertainment.


Maruhan also has the basic concept of “Challenge”, “Nurture” and “Continuity” in relation to the sports field. Maruhan has continued in various challenges based on a belief of changing our industry. In an environment of continuing shrinking of senior baseball, we have continued the dream by supporting teams or players in the amateur baseball NOMO baseball club. We also promote youth sports at the grassroots or local level, and assist in the creation of a healthy society through sports.

Arts and Culture

Maruhan is involved in the development and spread of the arts and culture through providing support for newly emerging artists and being official sponsor of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, and assisting the spread of cultural activities centering on entertainment. Furthermore, Maruhan hopes the audience and visitors could benefit from experiences and enjoying artistic and cultural activities during their daily lives.

Japanese-Korean cultural exchange

Dr. Han Chang-Woo, the founder of Maruhan, moved to Japan from Korea in 1947 just after the end of the war, and founded a Cafe Restaurant in Mineyamacho in Kyoto (currently Kyotango), which is the predecessor of Maruhan. After many twists and turns, Maruhan came into existence with the assistance of many Japanese and South Korean people. We support Japanese and Korean cultural exchange due to an awareness of our responsibility to return this assistance in some way and in order to nurture a relationship of friendship between Japan and Korea.