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Leisure market in Japan

Currently, there is a variety of leisure activities in Japan.
People can choose from many ways of spending their free time including refreshing, relaxing, or may be studying for self-development.
Providing options for their needs, the leisure industry in Japan is achieving a significant development.

The size of the leisure market in Japan was 67 trillion and 975 billion yen at fiscal year 2011.
Among them, pachinko belongs to the same entertainment category as home video games, karaoke, lottery, dining out, as well as bicycle and horse races.
With the size of 19 trillion and 38 billion yen, the pachinko market makes up one third of the entire leisure market.

In other words, pachinko is one of the most popular entertainments in Japan.
At present, the number of pachinko parlors in Japan is 12,323.
There are 4,017 companies that manage pachinko parlors.
Among them, Maruhan is the company with the highest annual sales.